Let’s bring out the best in children with quality books that inspire confidence,
perseverance, self-reliance, and coping mechanisms.
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The Knock - a Collection of Childhood Memories

It’s hard not knowing if Dad or Mom are safe and coming home. Why did they have to fight those men in the war?
The Knock empowers those who are embracing deployment to understand those confusing reactions.
It supports feelings of compassion and love, and is a coping mechanism for kids and adults of any age.  
A short educational book for reluctant readers.  

Level 1 Reader for Ages 6-8

Level 2 Reader for Ages 9-12

The Knock empowers those who have to embrace the loneliness of military deployment.

“This guidance could help children feel safe to express their feelings and work through any emotional difficulties caused by missing the absent military parent or by fearing for their life.” – Kate Robinson, US Review of Books Recommended

Grab your copy today. A great gift for military kids, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or any day we want to understand what it is like to be separated from a loved one serving in the military.

The Knock 1 Title - 2 Levels - 12 Awards

Let’s bring out the best in children with quality books that inspire confidence, perseverance, self-reliance and coping mechanisms.

Reader Reviews

“While this particular true-life memoir focuses on the 60’s and was in Vietnam, the story is truly relatable to the conflict of any era…The books final words includes a great springboard of ideas to open further discussions about family dynamics, challenges, and feelings of universal concern. Though intended for the 8-13 year age group. This gentle, informative memoir shares a powerful message that should be appreciated by readers both young and old. ” — Carol Davila, CIBA, 5-star Highly Recommended

“This is a caring and sensitive story which describes, in heartfelt detail, what it’s like for a young girl when her dad is deployed to a faraway place on active military duty. Day-to-day family coping skills, the strength of supportive relatives, and the worries about her seriously wounded father after his return home are all voiced by a child who lived this scenario. The story’s positive outcome will bring comfort to children in similar circumstances. Highly recommended for parents and children to read together, The Knock will surely stimulate some constructive and helpful family conversations.” —Cathleen C. Beaudoin, Library Director, Dover Public Library

“Carolyn has written a touching story about the tender ties between parent and child, and the feelings of love and loss brought on by long military separations.” —Grace Lessner, New Hampshire editor