Author FAQs

The Knock…a collection of childhood memories   I was still teaching and watching support staff deal with very difficult situations, ie, death from overdoses, incarceration, single moms struggling, parental separation.  So I started a story about my experiences to give kids an opportunity to learn and express themselves and to know it’s ok to have those uncertainties from difficult home situations.   Having someone to talk to makes a huge difference in how a child may  handle these issues. The feelings are the same regardless of the situation. 

The Knock…a collection of childhood memories is meant to be a resource for adults, children, and teachers helping families going through an emotional time in their life.  It follows best practices in literacy giving the reader an opportunity to explore those emotions and then relating them back to the author.  It was written as a  springboard to elicit conversations with parents and their children.  

The story starts  in Ft Hood, Texas because that’s where my dad was stationed.  After Vietnam he transferred to Ft Devens Mass where he retired and then moved to Dover, NH 

The Knock… took me 8 years to write.  I would start writing, then get busy  selling houses, then go back to writing.  When I turned 60, I said to myself either get this done or  shred it.  The hardest part 
of this adventure was finding an illustrator.   Once I found Lindsey, the process moved very quickly.  Basically, we met once a month with her completely organized asking me questions about the sequence of events.  As her illustrations developed, I would edit the text to her picture.  I really feel readers benefit from this labor of love, and deserve  to read thoughtful literature. 

There are two levels to the Knock.  The younger version (less detail) is being published now by Mindstir Media. 

A movie is an interesting thought.  We will have to see on that.  Who would play me???

My favorite author is Louise Penny.  I have read all of her books twice. She has a way of building the characters, developing them and then bringing it all together.  I’ve lost sleep sitting up late because I couldn’t put the book down.  I’m also following CR Stewart and how he has accomplished so much in such a short time.  Quite frankly, anyone who is published knows the amount of dedication it takes, the hours, and the commitment.  I still have a hard time saying I’m an award winning author. 

I like to write when the mood strikes.  If I get a thought, I write it down immediately.  I do not have a set schedule.  For me, it’s a balancing act between real estate and writing.  Covid made me sit and start the third book, though. 

Anyone aspiring to be an author should write from the heart.  Today’s younger readers are very compassionate and care about the world, much more so than my generation.  They are better at exploring  feelings, promise, hope.  It has to be quality writing, each word  meaning what you want it to say. It has to stay with the reader.  If someone is going to pay good money for a book, let it be a page turner.