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An inspiring message for all children

Inspirational messages of kindness and inclusion are woven throughout this wonderfully written and illustrated children’s book! My own two young children (6 and 4) were able to interpret and understand the story, (and perhaps most importantly) it stimulated discussion between us as to what it means to empathize and understand other’s feelings. An all around win! JD, Amazon review

A Morale Booster for the New Kid on the Block

I would have loved to have read a story like this as a child because I can relate to Charlotte. I was a new kid at school when I moved at 12 and can understand the scary feelings that come with this transition. This is an important story for all kids to read, especially with their parents or with a teacher. Adjustment is difficult and a story like this can really encourage and help children feel uplifted. I especially like that Charlotte’s parents assure her that she will make new friends but can still see her old friends. The nice finishing touch is that Charlotte becomes an ambassador. What a great message that is to young readers to welcome newcomers. Andrea Harrison, Amazon review

A Great Way to Open the Conversation for a Child who Cannot Express their Struggle Such a great lesson and example for any child was when the main character took control and used what she experienced to help another. The illustrations will draw anyone into the story and its subtle lessons! Sally Steward, Amazon review

Read this book to your children…especially if you serve in the Military Carolyn’s book is exceptional and she clearly understands how to communicate to children. Although not specifically directed toward children of military families this is a book military families should read to their kids. Actually, any parent with a pending move is encouraged to read this book to their kids and have a discussion about the aspects of the book and their move. Moving is tough stuff. Hard on adults but tougher on children. Having uprooted my family 8 times in 30 years I am very impressed by the thoughtful insights of Carolyn’s book. Great read with your kids…Enjoy Bob, Amazon review

Great way to help children process change

Great delivery of an important message without sounding preachy. No one tells Charlotte to “just get over it” or “smile a lot and you’ll make friends.” It is realistic but positive and forward thinking. Change at a young age-or any age!- can feel so overwhelming. This book gives families a place to start the conversation and think, together, about how to make everyone happy. Erika Mantz, Amazon review

“This is a relatable story about the highs and lows of starting over and building new relationships.Carolyn has created an approachable narrative that is easy for school-age children to relate to and which serves as a great reminder of the rewards that new adventures can bring!” Nathan Dickey, Regional Director of Keller Williams New England

In most cases, children are not prepared for radical change, such as in the case of a move. With every relocation, there are positive and negative aspects. It is necessary to explain the entire process to them so they can prepare themselves mentally. To help children adjust, I Don’t Want to Move! by Carolyn Watkins tells the story of a little girl named Charlotte. When Charlotte finds out she’s going to move, she worries about several things, such as not being able to see her friends anymore. Her mom explains that moving will allow her to make new friends and she can keep the ones she already has. Nevertheless, Charlotte has to face new challenges, like integrating into her new school. At first, she is not sure how to act but decides to be brave. Although it was not easy for her at first, she gradually adapted to her new environment to the point where she could help others. I like I Don’t Want to Move!. Although it is a concise book, it explains several issues by addressing Charlotte’s insecurities, her goodbyes to her friends, her feelings at the new school and her desire to be accepted in her new environment. Carolyn Watkins uses a narrative style that is easy to read and entertaining. The content is visually appealing because the characters are expressive, and the images have striking colors. The setting portrays a loving family and welcoming school surroundings. Charlotte is a character with empathy and an interest in helping people. This book will also help children understand the emotional process of moving to a new home. Diana Lopez, Readers Favorite, 5-star review

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