Let’s bring out the best in children with quality books that inspire confidence, self-reliance and coping mechanisms.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Carolyn Watkins?

Carolyn Watkins has a Masters degree in education and is a former elementary teacher and Special Education Assessment specialist. After retiring, Carolyn became a full-time realtor, as well as an accomplished author. Her first book, The Knock, is the recipient of numerous awards. Carolyn resides in New Hampshire with her husband and three grown sons. Writing continues to be her passion. Her day job is working for Keller Williams Coastal and Lakes & Mountains Realty.

Emily Hercock?

Emily Jade Hercock started illustrating professionally in 2016 and has illustrated over 60 books. Living in a small village in Norfolk, U.K Emily works from home helping bring authors’ words to life. In 2021 her husband Michael joined Emily and they formed Hercock Self-Publishing Services as editor and formatted. Emily loves her job and works with authors all over the world from the U.S. to Tokyo.

Lindsey Erickson?

Lindsey Erickson is the illustrator of the children’s book, The Knock. Lindsey has enjoyed creating art since she was a child. She decided she wanted to be a professional artist at the age of seven. She is a graduate of College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine. Besides illustrating, Lindsey has spent a lot of time working on the ocean as a deckhand and making cheese on goat farms. She lives in Topsham, Maine with her husband and cat.

Author FAQs

What inspired your story The Knock...a collection of childhood memories?

During my last year of teaching, I saw support staff dealing with the children’s social emotional issues:  parental separation through incarceration, divorce, single motherhood, even death from drug overdoses. The staff worked so hard to help these children, but there wasn’t a relatable book to guide children through the emotional emptiness. So I used my reaction to my Dad’s deployment experience and my feelings to help children understand they are not alone. Their feelings are real and having someone to talk to makes a huge difference in how a child may handle their situation. The feelings are the same regardless of the situation. 

What sets my books apart from other picture books?

I would like to empower my readers to find the “magic” in each book to help them embrace change and develop meaningful relationships.

What are some of your favorite scenes in your books?

In The Knock, it would be the page where Oma came to visit us. She was much loved, and her fond memories are embraced in my writing. My favorite part of I Don’t Want to Move! is when Charlotte shows empathy for the new girl and becomes the school ambassador in the process. When children find “magic” while they read, they become resilient, adaptable, and empathetic towards others. 

Who are some of your favorite or most influential authors?

Right now I am enjoying Brene Brown. She believes in relevant conversations similar to mine. As she says in her book, “When we own our own stories we get to write the ending.” Having the courage to reflect on the past enables the reader to get back up and grow. That’s my desire for children and their future. 

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