The Knock: A Collection of Childhood Memories


The Knock, a nonfiction memoir of a young girl’s experience with her father’s military deployment over 50 years ago, is a welcoming discussion of what any child could experience with parental separation. Many current issues are woven into this historical tribute to her parents. You will enjoy reading the tender bonds of the father-daughter relationship, and the coping mechanisms used to strengthen the family bond.

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Editorial Reviews

“Carolyn has written a touching story about the tender ties between parent and child, and the feelings of love and loss brought on by long military separations.” –Grace Lessner, New Hampshire editor

“The Knock is an honest reflection of the realities most military families must work through. Although the setting takes place over 50 years ago, the raw feelings can be understood by every little girl or boy who has ever had a military parent leave home. Military service is a sacrifice felt by entire families, not just individuals. The Knock connects children of every age and background around the world who remains at home and waits for their parents’ return from fulfilling their military service.” –Michelle B. Mastrobattista, Captain, US Army

“This is a caring and sensitive story which describes, in heartfelt detail, what it’s like for a young girl when her dad is deployed to a faraway place on active military duty. Day-to-day family coping skills, the strength of supportive relatives, and the worries about her seriously wounded father after his return home are all voiced by a child who lived this scenario. The story’s positive outcome will bring comfort to children in similar circumstances. Highly recommended for parents and children to read together, The Knock will surely stimulate some constructive and helpful family conversations.” –Cathleen C. Beaudoin, Library Director, Dover Public Library


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