The Knock: A Collection of Childhood Memories

“This is a caring and sensitive story which describes, in heartfelt detail, what it’s like for a young girl when her dad is deployed to a faraway place on active military duty. Day-to-day family coping skills, the strength of supportive relatives, and the worries about her seriously wounded father after his return home are all voiced by a child who lived this scenario. The story’s positive outcome will bring comfort to children in similar circumstances. Highly recommended for parents and children to read together, The Knock will surely stimulate some constructive and helpful family conversations.” –Cathleen C. Beaudoin, Library Director, Dover Public Library

Reader Reviews

“An Emotional Story From A Child’s Perspective. This book is well written giving an insight into what military families endure. Feelings of anxiety, separation, the unknown, changing family dynamics, adapting to a “new normal” while holding onto hope. Similar to what the nation is experiencing during this pandemic. It’s a family must read with your younger children..” —Mothergoose Candia, NH

“Life Can Be Tough For A Little Girl Especially If Your Dad Is Away … Life can be tough for a little girl especially if your dad is away at war. It must be even worse if Grandma comes to live with you too. the Knock explores a little girl’s ideas and feelings as she tries to cope with the effect of war on her family. The book is honest and sensitive as it traces her reactions through her dad’s deployment. Military families frequently have to endure this struggle but so does any family were one parent is gone. Children are smarter and more sensitive than people realize. This book will offer an eye-opening journey and allow the reader to develop their own ways to help and support their family. It is a must-read.” —Review on Barnes and Noble

A Rollercoaster of Emotions Though this is a children’s book, who would’ve thought that I’d be in a rollercoaster ride of emotions as I read through this. I really didn’t expect to feel so many emotions when I first bought this book. The author pokes on the deepest feelings of its readers through the parents, the people who cradled us from when we were conceived until we’ve become adults. The book Is written in a child’s perspective, reminding the readers of our memories that we had with our parents in our eyes as a little child. It tickles our hearts with kindness yet the book also makes us feel the fear, confusion, and sadness that a child goes through. This is a book that will give you a myriad of emotions that is definitely worth your time.” —Russ Ann on Amazon

Author Helping Children Cope


The Knock is an autobiographical reflection of a military family learning to cope with the stress of a long deployment and its eventual consequences.

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A review from Ryleigh, age 9:

“Thanks for the book. I really like it, it makes me feel special inside because my other dad is on a boat serving the country. Oh, and thanks for the book I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Love, Ryleigh

PS: And if you make a unicorn book please send me one!”