Reader Reviews

Coping With Departures And Absences

Through her book, The Knock, author Carolyn Watkins opens up the discussion of departures and absences with sensitivity and compassion. In relating her own story of separation from her father during his military service, Watkins encourages the reader, young and old, to share their own feelings of fear and loss, hope and love. In a world were stoicism and enduring is often applauded, The Knock offers readers tools and ways in which to articulate their own story. By SusanR

An Emotional Story From A Child’s Perspective.

This book is well written giving an insight into what military families endure. Feelings of anxiety, separation, the unknown, changing family dynamics, adapting to a “new normal” while holding onto hope. Similar to what the nation is experiencing during this pandemic. It’s a family must read with your younger children.  By Mothergoose

A wonderful children’s book.

Though set in another time, the issues and emotions are the same today as they were fifty years ago. This book is long overdue and one that could help children work through their emotions and fears. I think all too often the family of military personnel are overlooked and their sacrifices, especially that of the children are rarely considered, unless one is living that life.

Since the book is written from a child’s perspective the stories are more easily relatable to the young. And through these stories feelings and thoughts can often be better explained than when trying to sit down with a child and talk with them without the aid of this book. Also, depending on the age of the child who is reading or listening to this book it is a great spring board into discussing how they may be feeling and how they are handling their feelings.
The book is touching and emotional, it is well written and a very quick read. I love that it is made up of shorter stories so that it is easier for children to absorb the message. by JMabie

It is touching and real.

I really liked the book The Knock: A Collection of Childhood Memories. It has so much kindness and at the same time there is sadness, fear and sadness. The book touches the deep feelings of the reader, since it is about the closest people – parents, namely the father of the girl, who had to leave them to fight in Vietnam. Probably not everyone can feel it, but the author gives us such a chance to understand how children feel when this happens to them. An interesting approach to the presentation of their thoughts. Illustrations that complement my impression of the book. I think this is a very interesting book, and undoubtedly the author did a good job. I think the book deserves your attention and your free time. I have good impression after reading the book, it is touching and real. I enjoyed it a lot and advice you to read the book. by Julius Z